Gakken updates, Apr. 10

Ok, we’re getting a little activity on the Gakken Facebook page.

First up is an announcement for a new book collection called “Japanese Makers”. It’s a collection of articles that used to run in “Otona no Otaku Kosaku-bu” (Adult Fan Construction Group) magazine detailing the constructions of a core group of 13 makers. The book features updated photos and editing.

The second entry is just a statement that the editor forgot to mention the name of the book.

Third is an event for the Japanese Makers new book release party, at the Daikanyama T-Site in Shibuya, Tokyo, on Thursday, Apr. 11, at 6 PM.

Finally, what I’ve been waiting for – an announcement of activity on the Otono no Kagaku designer’s blog. So, I trot over to the designer’s blog. Here, we have an announcement of a one-day open house at the Physics and Chemistry Research Institute, on April 20th. The rest of the entry mentions some of the science you can see there, including stuff on iPS cells, robots, and an introduction to the Gakken flip clock coming out on the 18th.

So, not much on the Otona no Kagaku front, yet. Still waiting for them to update the main page and the release details on the flip clock page.


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  1. Mike Boyd

     /  April 8, 2013

    Its been awhile since the announcement of the “Flip Clock”. Maybe Production problems?

  2. Hard to say. About 2 years ago, Gakken started missing their release dates and went from 4 kits a year to 3. I’m not sure if they were just getting sloppy, if there was some kind of money problem, or if there was a change in management. In any case, they’ve been less predictable on when information goes out about the kits, and some of the release dates do seem to slip more. But I think right now they will make the April 18 date given on the page. Especially since amazon now has the official mook cover posted.


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