Gakken Newsletter #153

Gakken E-mail Newsletter #153 arrived today. It contains some of the information that’s starting to show up on the Otona no Kagaku facebook page, and announces the update of the “next up” page on the Otona no Kagaku site. I expect that there will be more updates at both locations in the next few days.

Part 1 describes the development department’s attempts to create a 2-legged (bipedal) robot that would be interesting for adults to build, while keeping the price down. After the release of the Jansen mini-Beest kit (#30), the team decided to approach the task with another Jansen linkage. Inadvertently, the final result came out resembling a penguin walking, so Jansen himself named it Animaris Imperio (“imperio” being the Latin for “penguin”). The mook will explore the history of bipedal robots, and include an interview with the mechanical designer for the Gundam series.
2,950 yen, 84-page mook. Dec. 14 release date.

Part 2
Gakken just released kit 3 in the Puchi Handmade (Small Handmade) series on Nov. 30th. Called the “Finland Barley Straw Mobile, Build Himmeli“, the kit is aimed at girls that want to create geometric hanging works of art. Examples can be found at the Noinoko webpage. Himmeli are traditional Finnish Christmas decorations made from straw. More examples can be found by visiting Tokyo Midtown right now. (At the moment, there’s no entry for the Himmeli mook kit on the Otona no Kagaku main page.)
1,680 yen. 34 page mook. Supplies include 50 17cm straws, 15m of thread and tool.

Part 3
Book two in the Science Live mook series will come out on Dec. 10. 144 pages, 2,100 yen. Entitled Higgs Particle – The Start of the Universe and Matter.

Part 4
The Maker Faire Tokyo will be held at the Mirai-kan museum in Odaiba, Tokyo, Dec. 1st and 2nd. 1000 yen for adults in advance, 1,500 the day of the event.

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