K-Gater, ver. 3.3 – K-Pro as an effects processor

The Kaossilator Pro has about 15 vocoder voices, which makes it suitable as an effects processor, assuming that you have some kind of interesting input signal. Obviously, the intended signal is the human voice via a microphone, but that’s not the only choice.

In order to adapt K-Gater to control the K-Pro for this, I needed to assign 2 more controls and 3 of the drum pads. My intent was to keep using the 8 preset buttons for retaining K-Pro instrument selections, and then assigning them to at least a few of the vocoder instruments (U185 to U199). Then, all I’d need to do is toggle the effects on and off, change voices, and hand-control the x and y axes of the K-Pro.  The x- and y-axis settings were easy; I just allocated dials R3 and R4, and stored the values to 2 new variables.  I created a new class, KProSettings, for storing all of the K-Pro variables I had up to that point plus the new ones. And I also added entryStatus to let me deactivate the effect, activate it, or select instruments without actually changing the voice (for those times when you want to go from U185 to U190 without playing the voices inbetween). Pad A1 is the toggle switch, A2 increments one voice for the last K-Pro preset switch that had been used, and A3 decrements it.

For the most part, the code doesn’t change much, and there’s no change to the UI.  The results, though, are very nice, especially when I use the dual arpeggiators in free running mode. One fun side effect is that the vocoders often disguise the actual notes being played, so that you can’t really hear a pitch change when you change notes. Instead, there’s a major impact on the vocoded output, even if you’re just going to the next adjacent note.  What this means is there’s an almost infinite combination of sounds possible, and you need to take good notes to be able to recreate the same sounds from one day to the next. It’s almost like having a real synthesizer.

Youtube video

Formatted Textfile Here.


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