Otona no Kagaku Update, 9-21

Gakken just updated their Otona no Kagaku page with two new products. First is a stand-alone mook that I haven’t seen announcements for before, entitled, 「星と銀河と宇宙の進化」 (Hoshi to Ginga to Uchuu no Shinka – Evolution of Stars, the Galaxy and the Universe). 144 pages, 2,100 yen ($26 USD), released on Sept. 18, 2012. This is part of a new series called “Science Life”. The sample pages have lots of nice color pictures.

Second is the Edison Wax Cylinder Recorder, which now has an official release date of Sept. 25th, and a price of 3,675 yen. The kit consists of roughly 20 parts, not including springs and screws, and a suggested assembly time of 60 minutes. Just looking at the instructions, it appears that there’s a cutter stylus that’s pressed against the cylinder when you speak into the cone. Not sure just yet what the difference is for playback. The cylinder rotates at a fixed speed due to the 3V DC motor supplied (I’m guessing it uses 2 AA batteries). A collection sheet is used to catch the shavings as they fall off the cylinder. You can recycle a cylinder by simply smoothing it out with the supplied rubbing tool. The kit comes with 5 cylinders (actually, candles without the wicks). Articles in the mook include a retrospective for Otono no Kagaku’s 10th anniversary, a look at every kit issued as part of the series, a look at Edison, and the next in Asari’s Manga Science series.

There’s also an entry for the next kit – a third Theo Jansen mini-Beest, the Animaris Imperio. It appears to be a wind-driven 2-footed walker. No suggested price, expected out in December.


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