Gakken in English

You may have discovered that the Otona no Kagaku website has some English support. You may have also noticed that the English pages are only a fraction of the original Japanese pages. It’s a good start though, especially since the really important assembly and troubleshooting pages have been translated (such as for the twin-reflex lens camera and the Mini Strandbeest. There’s nothing on the Denshi mini Block kit yet, but the EX-150 kit pages have been translated and they’re very similar.)

For the most part, the English pages are just translations of the Japanese advertising pages, showing the splash page, table of contents for the mook, and the assembly PDF. In some cases, there’s also links to demo videos (quite a few for the mini theremin, the SX-150 synth, and the robot desktop vacuum cleaner). On the other hand, it does take time for the translations to be posted, and so far there’s no English links for the more recent “with KIDS”, mini Rhino, Ornithopter, SX-150 Mark II or Denshi mini kits.

I do find it interesting that the English index page separates “Magazines” (numbered mook kits) from “Special Edition Magazine” (the SX-150 Mark I) and “Products” (the kits without mooks). Otherwise, there’s little coherency in the grouping of Gakken product “brands”.

Probably the most informative offering on the English pages is “The World of Theo Jansen” special interview. Otherwise, you’ll probably benefit the most from the troubleshooting page for the kit(s) that you own, and possibly at the English table of contents of the mooks that you have.

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